Thanks to our ongoing expansion we have the opportunity to grow our Cloud Site Reliability team. We’re a part of the Elastic Cloud team with an operations background who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.  We are the first line of consumers for Elastic’s products and our experience helps influence the direction of the product.   While most organizations may have a single or a handful of Elastic Stack deployments, here, you’ll be responsible for identifying, troubleshooting and reporting platform problems to developers in order to ensure that the thousands of Elasticsearch clusters that we manage are providing a stable and reliable service.  We’re looking for people who are just as excited about troubleshooting issues with distributed systems as they are to automate, code and collaborate to solve problems.


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Report and troubleshoot problems within the Elastic Cloud infrastructure services and collaborate on issues with developers
  • Handle day to day operations around the Elastic Cloud such as customer trouble tickets managing cloud provider infrastructure (maintenance/expansion), and software deployments
  • Develop and enhance tooling to deploy and manage the Elastic Cloud product and infrastructure
  • Demonstrate and promote best practices for teams using cloud platforms
  • Multiple years hands-on experience administering Linux, preferably with distributed systems with some scale
  • 1+ years of AWS, and/or, GCP and/or Azure experience is a must
  • Experience automating production Linux systems collaboratively, deriving configuration through version control
  • Comfortable writing software to automate API-driven tasks at scale; The SRE team uses Python and some Go, where the developers use Scala, Python, and Java
  • Have used Ansible/Puppet/Chef or another config management suite, know where it’s broken, and open to trying new things
  • Healthy knowledge of Linux (have compiled your own kernel at some point, know how to trace syscalls, understand TCP, care about the difference between sysvinit/runit/systemd, etc.)
  • Relentless desire to automate and build software tools
  • Desire to represent work in git, driven by a GitHub workflow through issues and pull requests
  • Love open source development, and have contributed to some project somewhere (doesn’t have to be ours), whether it’s mailing lists, patches, documentation, etc.
  • Enjoy working remotely and the communication it requires
  • Love a diverse environment, working with men and women all over t