As part of our development team, you’ll develop our infrastructure that processes hundreds of thousands of mentions and serves over 15 million API requests every single day.

Altmetric analyses the online activity around scholarly content to measure the broader impact of science and research. We deliver and support products such as the Altmetric Explorer and the Altmetric badges. Our customers include institutions across Europe, North America and Australia and scholarly publishers such as Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis and MIT Press.

You will be part of a team responsible for the stability and performance of our platform. Using DevOps practices, you will improve how we continuously deliver our products ensuring the security, integrity and stability of our systems.

Examples of our recent infrastructure projects include:

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Moving our servers from one data centre to two new, geographically separated data centres without downtime;
  • Development of a monitoring solution using Sensu and InfluxDB;
  • Designing, building and running a new platform to handle a large volume of real-time news mentions from LexisNexis including high availability, backups and security;
  • Upgrading our database servers to use SSDs in a RAID 10 configuration to improve application performance.
  • Administering Linux-based systems (particularly Debian-based operating systems such as Ubuntu);
  • Running web applications (such as PHP, Ruby on Rails or Django applications);
  • Configuration management such as Chef, Puppet, CFEngine or Ansible (we use Chef but we can teach you this as a configuration management mindset is more important than specific tooling).