Desired Skills and Experience

  • Information/web/infrastructure security is important here at NM.
  • We have a mainframe and other aged products that need to be modernized and/or replaced.
  • Big data is used in our statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to address business objectives and client needs.
  • We have been working on increasing our reliability and availability with automation and containerization.
  • We are updating our User experiences to be modern, intuitive and responsive.
  • To the cloud! We are leveraging cloud based infrastructure.
  • Educational Assistance Program: Up to $5250/year to support ongoing education
  • Volunteering: Paid time to volunteer for an array of community-focused activities
  • Matching Gifts Program: Up to $3000 per employee per year in matching gifts to schools and nonprofits.
  • Volunteer Support Program: Up to $500 per year per employee to match your volunteer hours with 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • NM Scholarship Program: Children of employees may qualify for up to $5000 in post-secondary scholarship benefits.
  • Company Hackathons
  • STEM Outreach Opportunities