Application DevOps Engineer

With The JPI Group in Fort Worth TX US

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Posted on February 09, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: DevOps, System Administrator


linux, sysadmin, ruby

Job description

Job Description's Application Development Team is looking for an experienced embedded Devops engineer. This team member will sit with the application team and help support their development efforts. They'll work directly with developers to deploy new applications, setup hardware or virtualized environments, resolve issues related to server configuration, security or networking and automate processes whenever possible.


Good interpersonal and written communication skills

Very strong Linux sysadmin/operations

Ruby / Bash scripting

Chef or similar tool like puppet for automating Linux deployments and provisioning

AWS or other cloud solutions


Hardware provisioning, VMs, network troubleshooting and security


Ruby on Rails


Any web development experience

Automated testing

Centos, Gentoo

IBM Cloud

Three "Must Have's":

  1. Very strong Linux sysadmin/operations and experience with AWS or other cloud solutions.  

  2. Chef or similar tool like puppet for automating Linux deployments and provisioning

  3. Scripting with either Ruby or Bash

What we look for in candidates:? 

Beyond the relevant technical skill-sets, we want candidates that value software as a craft, that strive for excellence, can take and give (gentle) criticism and communicate effectively. ?We don’t hire prima donnas or “alpha geeks.”? Well, we try not to.??? 

Candidates do not have to have particularly gregarious personalities or fit into ‘bro culture’ but should be able to voice their opinion effectively. ?We have quiet people and outgoing people from all sorts of personal and professional backgrounds.??? 

Automated testing is important to our culture as we have no QA?team?and this gives us a safety net to change the software rapidly. ?This goes beyond manual testing or writing a few scripts that automate a browser.? We write unit, integration and functional tests.? The candidate will need some exposure to writing tests. ?It helps if they come from a background in TDD or BDD.??? 

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