DevOps Engineer

With Turnberry Solutions in Philadelphia PA US

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Posted on February 09, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: DevOps, System Administrator


python, linux, sysadmin

Job description

The DevOps team delivers automation tools and technology to support engineering teams developing services & applications. We are a team of engineers that are driving to a culture of SRE where we have a mix of responsibilities to create tools and platform services on one hand and on the other provide support so production services are running 24/7 to delight our customers. Some of the examples of the work we do are developing a monitoring platform that provides visibility into system and application metrics along with aggregating logs both from the backend and client apps; Developing CI/CD tools infrastructure and ensuring it's 24/7 uptime; Cost optimization of services running in public/private cloud environments; to name a few. As a DevOps Engineer, you will be a contributor to the team, working on cutting edge technology stacks that impacts and delights millions of customers.

  • Solid scripting & development language (e.g., bash, Go, Python, etc.)

  • Experience with automation software using Ansible , HashiCorp stack and Python

  • Experience with monitoring systems (e.g. Grafana/InfluxDB, Nagios, Datadog, CloudWatch, New Relic etc.)

  • Experience building tools for automation (building, testing, releasing, monitoring and alarming)

  • Experience with IaaS and PaaS providers such as AWS, OpenStack, VMWare etc.

  • Proficient in Linux command Line, system Administration and good hands-on installing software on Linux platforms

  • Understanding of containers technologies like Docker & Kubernetes. Hands-on experience with building and running containers on Kubernetes platform is a plus

  • Some networking knowledge (OSI network layers, TCP/IP, Firewalls, traffic shaping, and load balancing)

  • Familiarity with continuous integration/deployment processes and tools such as Jenkins, Concourse etc.

  • Experience with deploying and operating infrastructure running micro services based platforms

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