DevOps Engineer

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Posted on April 12, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: DevOps


cloud, automation, docker

Job description

DevOps Engineer 

This role requires US Citizenship to pass ADP II clearance. DevOps Engineers implement automation across development and infrastructure teams to realize a self-serve mechanism for developers to build, deploy, and operate their delivered applications. They are well-versed in Automation, Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Delivery concepts. DevOps Engineers are focused on the automation of infrastructure resources, application deployments, testing and security practices.


  • ience and solid understanding of working within a DevOps environment. Exper

  • ience in scripting automation solutions. Exper

  • ience in CI/CD. Exper

  • ience of the full SDLC and working in enterprise environments. Exper

  • ience using source code management. Exper

  • ience implementing integrated build and deployment systems. Exper

  • ience with an artifact repositories. Exper

  • ience with configuration management and orchestration tools and techniques. Stron

  • g understanding of cloud concepts and experience working in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, etc) Stron

  • g understanding of security concepts; Certificates, Auth Tokens, SSK, AD, SSO concepts Stron

  • g understanding of Linux environment. Knows Bash, Ubuntu, Redhat, etc… Under

  • standing of Docker, LXD’s, LXC’s, VM’s. Should come along with cloud computing, but would be nice if they have used Docker before.

  • Resilience in dealing with tough, sometimes ambiguous requirements.

  • Takes ownership and accountability beyond individual deliverables.

  • Eager and open to learning, a self-starter that needs minimal direction

  • Comfortable working in an open environment

  • Can politely & professionally challenge opposing viewpoints, but are flexible enough in your approach to see things from different angles.


  • Previous development or system administration roles and responsibilities.
  • Experience as an Application Developer
  • Experience with high security environments such as Finance, Healthcare, Defense, etc.
  • Experience with transformation to containers and cloud solutions.
  • Ability to train others in individual or group settings.
  • Experience in an Agile environment

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