Senior Systems Engineer

With ChiroTouch in San Diego CA US

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Posted on May 14, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: System Administrator


sysadmin, windows, amazon-web-services

Job description

ChiroTouch is looking for an IT systems and operations expert to help lead the company’s growth into cloud technology, as we scale our web and cloud-based products. If you thrive on working with a variety of technologies and addressing the needs of a dynamic company, this is the opportunity for you. This role involves both DevOps and IT operations responsibilities. It’s a chance to build and evolve the company’s key systems and infrastructure. It’s also a chance to grow your expertise with AWS, Windows, SQL Server, and more.   Join our team, as we take this company’s operations to the next level.

Have a passion for Cloud? Relish the thought of keeping production systems running at optimal efficiency? Are performance monitoring and logging tools your domain? Enjoy diagnosing and solving those obscure system problems? Master of uptime? Then this is the role for you. This is a chance to make an immediate impact to a company’s products and customers. You will work with multiple teams to automate, design, and architect cloud-based infrastructure and support production systems.

The ideal candidate must have great communication skills, be passionate, think outside the box, and clear commitment to the job and our mission. A proven track record of designing, developing, and maintaining dependable, mission-critical systems and products is a must. Automation, reliability, scalability, service-oriented architecture, and a birds-eye view of production systems are all part of the job.

This is a senior position and one that has frequent exposure to our executive leadership team. This is a very dynamic and fast-paced work environment. A high degree of leadership and commitment are essential. We are looking for someone with strong knowledge of best practices, leadership skills, and interest in working across a variety of technologies. If you’re a quick learner and eager to grow with an established but rapidly growing company, then this is the place for you.


  • Establish and implement best practices with regards to system maintenance, configuration, deployment, monitoring, and general DevOps responsibilities.
  • Work with ChiroTouch engineering teams to configure, deploy and maintain running systems while supporting rapid customer growth.
  • Develop tools and strategies for networking, monitoring, and automating infrastructure to support ChiroTouch’s SaaS products.
  • Streamline and manage a growing AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Make recommendations for enhancements and modifications to improve enterprise system performance, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Facilitate delivery of highly complex IT applications and systems, which includes multiple dependent projects across multiple functional areas and technology platforms.
  • Reduce risk and increase performance for web or cloud-based systems and applications.
  • Be the resident guru at managing and monitoring hosted Windows Server environments.
  • Keep systems and data secure at all times, complying with the latest security standards.
  • Audit, troubleshoot and resolve system availability and integrity issues.
  • Be ready to take on a dynamic variety of IT roles and tasks.
  • Handle setbacks and disruptions with calm and persistence.
  • Tackle complex challenges in a timely manner.


  • 5+ years of experience in system administration of Windows systems, network security, systems maintenance, and systems monitoring/reporting. You know Microsoft’s operating systems as well as anyone.
  • Experience with building enterprise-class systems. You build servers to scale, for redundancy, and with excellent security practices.
  • In-depth understanding of Windows server environments, especially public web servers. You can quickly navigate a Windows Server in any state.
  • Experience with production-grade IaaS, specifically AWS. It’s not your first AWS rodeo.
  • Strong troubleshooting skills of real-time production environments, along with deployment and support of new systems. You know what it takes to put a successful solution into production.
  • Experience performing daily system monitoring and gather data/metrics for performance and data reporting trending. You value monitoring and reporting across your ecosystem.
  • Have a passion for automation. You’d automate everything, if possible.
  • Datacenter networking and security expertise. Secure and load-balanced connectivity underlies all of your work.
  • Ability to create professional documentation. You love a great system diagram.
  • Ability to think strategically and conceptually while managing details. You get the big picture but understand that the devil is in the details.
  • Ability to learn rapidly. You can quickly comprehend our processes, our systems, and how they all fit together (or should).
  • Creative problem-solving. You are willing to teach, learn, and be a generalist.
  • Comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment. You are very receptive to giving, receiving and implementing feedback.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. You will need to communicate with a broad audience, from the most technical to the least technical, as well as senior management.
  • Extremely curious about how things work. You are always learning something new.

And for bonus points:

  • Experience in a highly available production environment
  • Expertise with MS SQL Server
  • Strong aptitude for good design
  • Knowledge of large-scale performance and optimization tools and techniques
  • Agile development practices
  • Healthcare/HIPAA Security experience

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