Data Engineer

With Scantek in Perth - AU

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Posted on June 07, 2019

About this job

Compensation: A$100k - 120k
Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Role: System Administrator


bash, python, mysql, docker, linux

Job description

Hays are working exclusively with the only company in Australia specialising in fraud detection across multiple Industries such as Banking, Retail, Hospitality and Security.


  • Develop and take ownership of a secure, high speed, low latency data pipeline for machine learning.

  • Develop post-training workflows to support deployment of artifacts into production.

  • Continuously Improve pipeline according to strategic or research direction.

  • Ensure security and integrity of the data at all times.

  • Provide visibility of the above through visualisation.

Day To Day

  • Script tools to check condition of pipeline or audit field devices.

  • Develop analysis or tools to validate, clean and tag data.

  • Assemble and curate datasets ready for analysis.

  • Schedule pre-built analytics workloads, ensure high utilisation of available infrastructure.

  • Diagram architecture, changes and ensure documentation is available.

  • Deploy, Build and Maintain tools to trigger events, generate benchmarks and monitor pipeline.

Mindset and Background

* Must have strong programming background. (Computer Science / Software Engineering / Linux DBA)

* Love and interest for data - finding patterns and complexity.

* Must have an operations mindset - be able to build infrastructure for reliability, security and not interrupt business.

* Attention to detail about data quality, without being too rigid or inflexible.

* Flexible - able to work with changing requirements and evolving architecture.

* Still Learning - they are still learning about tools / technologies as the landscape changes.

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