Senior FPGA Engineer

With BrassMagnet Design in Austin TX US

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Posted on June 10, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: System Administrator


c, design, user-interface

Job description

As an FPGA Engineer at BrassMagnet Design, you will be part of an extremely capable, flexible and dynamic team. You will implement new FPGA applications (synthesis, place & route, static timing analysis, documentation), research and evaluate a variety of cutting-edge FPGA hardware and technologies, perform timing analysis and floor planning, and maintain and enhance the existing hardware code base and system testing infrastructure. You will architect and code FPGA designs in a hardware description language, produce design documents, validate and analyze designs for errors and efficiency, and conduct lab debugging and characterization of new hardware. Skills and Experience 10+ years in FPGA design, including experience in the full FPGA design life cycle, Xilinx/Intel-Altera/Lattice design tool flow and FPGA design for complex control & datapath applications Architect FPGA designs and write requirements for diverse systems across Medical, Consumer, and Telecom/Wireless Analyze and tradeoff multiple design approaches, balancing various product requirements and desires. Analyze project and product risk and provide mitigations as needed. Estimate project work and track progress towards completion. Develop methods to determine if the FPGA implementation is consistent with the model and support the verification process. Implement challenging FPGA designs. Write driver level C code and APIs for interfacing to the FPGA. Write diagnostic C code for use in debug, bring up, and manufacturing test. Document FPGA designs, simulations, and verification results. Solid knowledge of digital circuit design principles Proficient knowledge of Verilog and VHDL Proficiency with functional verification utilizing high-level methodologies (e.g. System Verilog) and VHDL Proficiency with full simulation environments (Questa, RivieraPro, VCS) Ability to transition between hardware languages and abstraction layers on an as needed basis Experience in FPGA design flow including synthesis, place & route , static timing analysis Custom IP Flow generation and Deployment knowledge Excellent research and data gathering skills Experience with high level scripting (Python) for test automation and design verification Experience with Unix/Linux based development environment The desire and ability to take on significant responsibility, both individually and as part of a team A love of collaborating, debating and communicating with other team members The ability to analyze and resolve problems quickly and effectively The capacity to multi-task in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment

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