Unix Administrator - Logmanagement (SPLUNK) (m/f)

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Posted on June 11, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Role: System Administrator
Industry: Electronics, Industrial Automation, Software Development / Engineering
Company size: 10k+ people
Company type: Public



Job description

Looking for your next big challenge? We might be able to help you!

Your challenge will be…

• Independent installation and configuration of standardized server systems on various hardware and software technologies in accordance of requirements (including specific customer specifications). Evaluation of the integration of IT-systems into the overall environment.

• Check the functionality of the solutions which are implemented (if necessary set up a pilot in a test environment). Development of alternative scenarios and system concepts. Implementation of the server solution in the normal operation.

• Operation and administration of the various complex server landscape technologies (RedHat Linux, Suse Linux, Vmware) on different hardware platforms and their high availability configurations (Veritas Cluster Server / Pacemaker).

• Securing and ensuring the normal running operation (including 24 hour on-call-duty). This includes remote analyzation in case of server problems/events, error elimination and if necessary, report problems to other support groups or manufacturers.

• Independent handling of very difficult operating system problems. Research and/or investigation of known errors, elimination of errors (either remote or on-site) and if necessary, report all problems to the manufacturer of the product.

• Evaluation of the priorities in case of multiple service requirement by discussing them with the customer and/or the project manager. Carrying out qualified and extensive diagnostics by the usage of different development tools (e.g. strace etc.). Elimination of errors and ensuring their operability.

• In order to fulfill the requirements of the SLAs which were agreed upon with the customers (also outside of normal business hours), weekly on-call-duty is a requirement for all team members. Creation of training concepts, training material, and training of application managers in order for them to be able to operate them.

• Give technical advice to the internal project manager or the customer in case of questions regarding server/network architecture, server connections, software which runs on the operating system (e.g. openFT, Networker, Samba, UC4, Nagios and also applications such as SAP R/3, Apache, DIRX etc.)

• Installation and configuration of critical and complex Log Management Solutions on the basis of Splunk. This includes connecting the various hard-/software technologies depending on the specific requirements (including customer specific variances). Evaluating the ability to integrate IT-subsystems into the overall environment.

• Check the functionality of the solution to be implemented (set it up in a test environment if necessary). Setup and working out alternative concepts and scenarios. Integration of the Log Management Solution into the normal operational environment. Implementation of automated processes by the usage of existing tools (e.g. HP-SA, Nagios) within the EAGLE-DC.

• Operation, administration and configuration of the highly complex Log Management landscapes running on various hardware/software platforms while taking considering the need of their availability, integrity and confidentiality.

• Provide technical advice with the implementation of the connection of log sources/systems into the central Splunk Log Management solution and/or the customer solution.

• Analysis, processing and realization of use-cases in an administrative area within the existing Log Management Solutions.

• Analysis and tuning measures in case of performance problems in order to guarantee short response times.

• Cooperation / coordination with the developer (FSC, SUSE, Splunk etc.) e.g. during integration tests, communication of requirements, initiate appropriate measures to eliminate existing problems.

Does this sound good? Our perfect candidate must have…
• Bachelor / Master preferably in Information Technology / Engineering or similar qualification

• At least 3 to 9 years of experience with the administration of high availability server solutions based on the Operating System Linux.

• 2/3 years of experience with handling of virtual infrastructures based on VMware and Log Management Solutions with Splunk.

• Previous experience in Splunk.

• Knowledge in the Operating Systems such as SUSE Linux SLES 11/15 / RedHat Linux 6/7.

• Previous experience in Veritas-Cluster-Server / Pacemaker from RedHat or SUSE.

• Knowledge in Scripting languages like Shell, Perl and Python.

• Availability to do On-call duty (7*24).

• Fluent in English.

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