DevOps: Code, Automate, Architect, Tame & Own all the things (all genders)

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Posted on September 10, 2019

About this job

Location options: Visa sponsor, Paid relocation
Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
Role: DevOps, System Administrator
Industry: Gaming
Company size: 201–500 people
Company type: Private


amazon-web-services, jenkins, linux, node.js, python, sysadmin

Job description

Software development skills beyond scripting required.

What you will be working on

  • Taming the “Beast”. The beast is, of course, legacy software. It was built for a different time, but it still drives our revenues. Keeping it running smoothly while modernizing it (or parts of it) will be a major part of your role.
  • Identifying weak spots in our infrastructure, when people ask “What can we do better?”, they’ll come to you.
  • Automating all the things! We have made a lot of headway into automating major parts of build/deployment/monitoring/alerting/recovery, but we still need more. Our end goal is having fully autonomous systems, you will help us get there, faster!
  • Architecting and building new systems or subsystems.
  • Catalyzing the team’s cultural shift towards more effective “DevOps”: CI/CD, automated testing, automated recovery, automated everything!

About Yourself

  • You come from a software development background and can code beyond simple automation scripts.
  • You have years of experience running Linux in real, end-user facing production environments with actual load and uptime requirements. Experience here means heavy involvement in building the infrastructure and an active role running it.
  • You know your way well around a Linux terminal.
  • You’re capable of provisioning an entire functioning system from start to finish, using configuration management tools.
  • You have a solid background in networking, including a fundamental understanding of TCP/IP and higher layer protocols, esp. HTTP(S) and related technologies like Caching, Proxying, etc… 
  • You have expert knowledge about containers, orchestration and the "cloud”.
  • While there is some value in vendor-specific knowledge and certification, we care much more about your overall systems experience and problem solving skills. 

Working in the Live Games Team

Our teams pull off daring and courageous things, like writing our own transpiler to migrate hundreds of thousands of lines of code from Flash to TypeScript - and then rolling that out to a global, highly engaged player base, successfully. No-one has done this before us, definitely not at this scale.

Our legacy codebase has been around for a decade, keeping our players happy and engaged, but also outlasting the many hands that built it over the years. We respect it, but it comes with debt. We refactor it, trim it, or build around it. We sometimes even keep some of it never to be touched again, because that may well be the most pragmatic solution.

We’ve moved almost all of our critical infrastructure to AWS; we run Lambda functions written in node.js  in production, while also feeding our huge Java monolith that just kept growing over the years.

We integrate React apps into our legacy Flash games; we mix and match and build for the future, while respecting our past.

Clearly this isn’t for everyone. It’s for the daring, the creative, the out-of-the-box-thinkers, the experienced, the multi-linguists, the curious, the getting-sh*-done-ers.

If you think you’re one of them, you may have found your new home. Come join us.

Technology we use

Core/Legacy stack 

  • Java 8/Java 11 and popular libraries,  e.g. Spring 4 (mostly core and IoC Container), Netty, Guava, Apache Commons, protobuf
  • Testing: jUnit, Mockito
  • DB: MySQL, AWS Aurora
  • Build & Deployment: Maven, Jenkins, Gitlab CI
  • Logging, Monitoring & Alerting: EFK stack (ElasticSearch + Fluentd + Kibana), Graphite+Grafana stack, AWS Cloudwatch
  • Infrastructure: AWS EC2, Route53, RDS
  • Process: Gitlab, Jira, Confluence

Serverless stack (AWS)

  • Lambda: mostly NodeJS 8.10+ runtimes, Python and Java for some use cases
  • SNS/SQS, API Gateway
  • DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless, Elasticache
  • Serverless framework for provisioning, build and deployment

We offer

  • A professional team of experts that has fun at work
  • Your professional growth is important to us. We provide agile structures, flat hierarchies, and ongoing training opportunities
  • Results-oriented teamwork that values employee contribution and empowerment
  • Competitive compensation and a balanced work-life balance

We look forward to receiving your application in English (cover letter, CV, references, degree) as well as your salary requirements and earliest possible starting date through our online application form.

Your contact person is: Juliane Voigtländer.

Goodgame Studios is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage and support diversity and welcome all qualified applications.

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