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Posted on November 07, 2019

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: System Administrator


sysadmin, windows, user-experience

Job description

Honigman is a premier business law firm in Michigan with an international practice. Recently recognized in Eastern Michigan as one of the Best and Brightest Places to Work, we earned this recognition by recruiting attorneys and staff members with outstanding credentials. Currently, we are looking for an experienced User Support Specialist in our Detroit office. We are looking for someone who is as passionate about their work as we are passionate about the law.  

The individual in this position will be responsible for Level 2 technical support in the Detroit office, including user support for application questions and problems, desktop and laptop PCs and printer support, and computer room support working with Detroit IT staff or outside consultants. Other technical tasks which may be required include hardware and software installation, system restarts and computer room shutdown. User support tasks include recording and tracking calls from users, working with Detroit IT staff and vendors to resolve software problems, developing materials to communicate software issues to users, and software testing. There will be a strong emphasis on prompt response and resolution to support calls because the lawyers and staff depend on computer equipment to serve clients. Effective customer service and good communication skills are essential to this role.

System Support Responsibilities:

• Responsible for duties associated with system restarts, document management, telecommunications and computer room maintenance. Responsible for maintaining and following department policies, procedures, schedules and controls in accordance with direction from the Detroit IT Department.

• Install, uninstall and troubleshoot hardware and software at the regional office level.

• Responsible for processing and maintaining cost recovery systems accurately and in accordance with established schedules and maintaining associated logs and controls.

• Responsible for maintaining and inventorying regional office computer hardware in working order--includes all computer room equipment, desktop/laptop PCs, scanners and printers.  

• Responsible for computer room housekeeping and Video Conference connection and setup.

• Responsible for testing contingency plans in the event of hardware failure so as to cause minimal disruption to users. Contingency plans to include down server(s), printing subsystem, Internet access, wide area network (WAN), routers, miscellaneous gateways, or network concentrator failures.

• Image PCs, setup phones, PDA support, IP addresses, troubleshooting profiles, Network connectivity (ping test, IP address check), VPN support, Printer install/support, CD/DVD drive support, Scan PDF, Copier/Printer troubleshooting, CopiTrak, Projector setup, Color printer toner/troubleshooting, Air card install/support, Wireless support, Roaming profile Issues/support, IE Access problems, Web Access, Camera support, Scanner support, Remote access support, Swapping hardware, user training. 

User Support Responsibilities:

• Take calls from users regarding computer system questions and problems. Respond to calls promptly and courteously, enter call information in Help Desk Database. Work with Detroit IT staff and vendors on call resolution, if necessary.

• Perform document conversions from/to different text editors.

• Develop proficiency with remote access operations to support attorneys working outside the office.

• Attend Detroit IT staff meetings when possible to keep informed of issues/developments.

• Participate in “team” assignments with others in the regional or Detroit offices.

• Plan and implement other projects, as assigned.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Completed A+ and N+ certification programs.  

• Completed one year of a two or four year degree program in computer or business systems or have equivalent related experience and proven ability.

• Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office, Windows and general office computer software applications. Familiarity with other software used in a law firm environment (e-mail, time entry, document management, etc.)

• Prior experience in a service-oriented business environment.

• Demonstrated troubleshooting, organizational and communication skills.

• Demonstrated ability to adapt to new technology and apply to the legal environment.  

We offer a very competitive salary and excellent benefits package. If you are a top performer and are interested in joining an exemplary team, we want to speak with you!  

Honigman is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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