Data Scientist, Intermediate

With JDA Software in Bengaluru - IN

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Posted on January 06, 2020

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: Data Scientist, System Administrator


python, apache, agile

Job description

What to expect

» Work together with our machine learning experts, engineers and project managers to advance our data science products

» Design and develop data-intensive distributed systems in Python with focus on data engineering

» Use technologies such as Pandas and Dask, as well as modern NewSQL query engines like Presto or Apache Impala in the cloud

» Support on-boarding new customers with your expertise in organizational or data-intensive tasks

» Work in an agile team with emphasis on quality, testability and automation

Your experience

» In-depth knowledge of Python, Pandas and its open-source ecosystem

» Expertise in working with SQL

» Interest in data handling with modern tools such as Apache Airflow, Apache Parquet, Dask and Presto

» Knowledge in techniques for data modeling, storage and access

» Passion for software craftsmanship and interest in modern methods such as Kanban, TDD and pair programming

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