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Posted on September 15, 2020

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Role: System Administrator
Industry: Financial Services
Company size: 10k+ people
Company type: Public


sysadmin, automation

Job description

This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

* BS/BA degree or equivalent experience

* Understanding or have experience with agile and lean philosophies

* Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills with clear communication

* Ability to collaborate with different roles to achieve common goals

• Deep knowledge of network technologies, including troubleshooting of latency and availability issues in a complex global WAN environment
• Experience with network automation tools and techniques, such as Ansible, SaltStack, or similar
• Comfort with developing tools to solve problems, from small one-off scripts to complex automation solutions in a network setting.
• Maintain a thorough understanding of basic and advanced concepts in the fields of:
o Network processor (ASIC, FPGA, GPU, etc.) architecture
o Network system architecture (Processor, ASIC capabilities, physical port specifications, packet forwarding protocols, buffers, tuning/tweaking, etc.)
o Relevant network device operating systems (Cisco, Arista, CheckPoint, Juniper, etc.)
o Network architecture and protocols (TCP/IP, Security, Routing, HTTP/HTTPS, VPNs, load-balancing, LAN vs. MAN vs. WAN, disparate Layer 1 technologies, etc.)
o Front office trading flows (orders, acks, fills, cancels, etc.)
o Middle and back office trading flows (intraday alpha calcs, EOD alpha calcs, drop copies, reporting, etc.)
o The requirements and unique constraints associated with networking in high frequency/low latency trading environments
o Latency monitoring concepts and relevant industry solutions (Corvil, Correlix, etc.)

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