Senior DevOps Engineer

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Posted on March 29, 2021

About this job

Compensation: Equity
Location options: Remote
Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Role: DevOps


python, kubernetes, terraform, linux, google-cloud-platform

Job description

What will your destination look like at Flyr: As a Senior DevOps Engineer you will work collaboratively with other DevOps professionals, members of R&D, and PM teams, to contribute to the discussion, planning, and implementation phases of team projects.

  • Participate in a joint effort to provide support and constant improvements to cloud-based production environments for the cutting edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform.
  • Be engaged in the development and implementation of various infrastructure management utilities to advance all aspects of SAAS platform support.
  • Exercise change control management standards to provide stability of the environment and establish a smooth path of code promotion and environment updates.
  • Be engaged in troubleshooting and RCA (Root Cause Analysis) efforts, utilizing logs aggregation (from numerous systems and applications of the environment) and logs analysis with command-line automation scripts and parsing tools.
  • Support and maintain all layers of Dev and Staging environments for a feature and integration testing of the code.
  • Will be responsible for a team effort to support the GCP cloud infrastructure platform and various services such as Airflow, BigQuery, Kafka
  • Support development teams in the delivery of product feature utilizing CI/CD, manage Docker container build processes for Dev, Staging, and Prod environments.
  • Be the technical expert on several keys components of the SAAS platform and will be responsible for tasks for performance improvement.
  • Take a lead on research and POC (Proof Of Concept) planning and execution for new technologies implementation.
  • Be responsible for building documentation collection for features of internal tools and DevOps processes. What you can bring to this trip:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, equivalent experience, or related field required.
  • 5+ years of experience working as DevOps Engineer with a focus on deployment and support of cloud-native applications services in cloud-based virtualized infrastructure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) preferred.
  • 5+ years of experience in container virtualization technologies and container orchestration tools and mechanisms (Kubernetes preferred).
  • Expert in virtualization of dynamic microservices-based applications and infrastructure components deployment processes (Docker, Helm, Spinnaker).
  • Deep knowledge of infrastructure in Linux-based environments (systems, networking, storage, and services concepts).Fluent in scripting aspects of system administration (Linux command-line tools, bash, python).
  • Expert in cloud infrastructure support and troubleshooting of web-servers, load balancers, traffic routing, and shaping. Solid experience with GCP is preferred, AWS and Azure are a plus.
  • Extensive knowledge of infrastructure configuration automation and concepts of IAC (Infrastructure As a Code), Terraform is preferred.
  • Hands-on experience in software tools development with a strong understanding of CI/CD practices implementation in a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Advanced knowledge of CI/CD in the Kubernetes environment for microservice-based implemented applications, CircleCI is preferred.
  • Fluent in python with strong knowledge of the python environment setup and management, with extensive experience in TDD-based automation tools development.
  • Expert understanding of git-based SCM (Source Code Management) processes (branching, approvals, and promotions). Github is preferred.
  • Solid knowledge of git and git-based structures (branching, approvals, ...).Experience in support and administration of Postgres DB in cloud environments.
  • Solid experience and commitment to exercise and enforce security best practices in production and development environments, logging, and monitoring.
  • Strong writing and oral communication skills.

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